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Picton Martial Arts & Fitness was established in January 2005 in order to pursue a dream of running a full-time facility dedicated to excellence in martial arts and physical fitness.

At Picton Martial Arts & Fitness we are proud of a rich heritage and tradition of martial arts, upon which to build and pass on to our students.

Our core arts are Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do and  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, supplemented with our experience in ,Yamanaka Ha Shindo Ryu Ju Jutsu, Submission wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing and other martial arts. 

Our approach to martial arts is simple:

- teach in a traditional and respectful environment that treats everyone with courtesy and brings to them the benefit of ancient martial arts.

- train everything in a fashion that is applicable in both the dojo and outside in the real world.

- elevate the level of physical fitness of everyone who trains with us, be they neophyte or experienced practitioner.

- understand that everyone studies martial arts for different reasons and recognizing this, help the individual to meet and exceed their own personal goals.

- create within the dojo an environment that is comfortable both for those who wish to pursue competitive opportunities at the highest level as well as those who never intend on competing.

- have fun doing what we do.
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Fall 2016 Schedule in effect

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