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Cardio Kickboxing at Picton Martial arts & Fitness:

This high energy class is designed for men and women of all ages and all experience levels.

Music pumping in the background, pounding on a heavy bag, working solo or with a partner, what better way to get out the frustrations of the day.

Learn real stand up skills in a non-threatening environment.

Classes are typically 45min in length and are designed to allow you to work at your pace and just a bit beyond, making sure YOU get the most out of YOUR workout.

Students get lots of one-on-one attention from internationally certified instructors.

Over the course of a class there will be:

Cardio drills of a wide variety (skipping rope, running, shadow boxing, intensity & interval drills.

Strength & Conditioning (Light - medium dumbbell weights for shadow boxing, circuit training, focused conditioning on specific body parts).

Core work (medicine ball, plank and about 200 other abdominal and lower back exercises that we will utilize to challenge you and strengthen your core.

Heavy bag work, pad work, solo drills, partner drills, group drills.

For those who are interested in mixing it up further, sparring is available, in particular on Friday nights.

Come on in today and check out the best workout around.

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